Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions (AITX) Gains Further Momentum: Now What?

Investors who are looking into stocks that have jumped this morning could have a look at the Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions (OTC:AITX) stock.

Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions (AITX) Gains Further Momentum: Now What?

This morning the company provided an update on the advances made by its fully owned subsidiary company Robotic Assistance Devices during the month of April. The company stated that Robotic Assistance managed to hit a major milestone in the month of April and another one is expected this month. Upon this announcement, the stock jumped by 5%.

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It has been reported by Robotic Assistance that its manufacturing plant in California managed to produce as many as 15 units, which is its most productive month ever. In May, the company hopes to manufacture and ship more than 20 units. In addition to that, Robotic Devices is also aiming to set up and then staff its manufacturing plant in Detroit that spans across an area of 30000 square foot.


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