Asana (ASAN) Stock Rises 1%: Why Is It Trading Higher?

The second half of the described month is very favorable for the technology company, as the value continues to grow every day. Monthly statistics show that the cost has grown by 56%. For the first 15 days, the cost maintained a steady rate at $ 75.47 with little volatility. Since the first days of September, the cost has jumped 57%. The stock price broke the all-time high and broke through the mark of $119.12 on September 16.
i?id=e839f66c42c9923709f98a033a1d7748 l&n=13Reasons for the growth in prices were the increment of target prices and optimistic commentary said by a Wall Street analyst. According to The Fly report, Jefferies Financial Group analyst Brent Thill raised the price target on the investment bank Asana to $ 115 from $ 90 this week, while maintaining the rating of purchase of the stock. His new forecast will perform potential profit by 18% for investors next year, compared with the closing price on Friday. Next Brent said that the rise in stock price during the purchase period is an excellent indicator of that performance and business momentum of Asana should continue. As evidence, he cited the fact that the company’s revenue growth has accelerated three quarters in a row.