Ascent Solar Technologies (ASTI) More Than Doubles: Still a Buy Stock?

One of the companies that caught the fancy of investors is Ascent Solar Technologies (OTC: ASTI). It may be a relatively small outfit but experts believe that it has a lot of potentials and on Monday, the stock soared by 100% as investors piled on to it.

Ascent Solar Technologies (ASTI) More Than Doubles: Still a Buy Stock?

The rally in the stock came about yesterday after the company made a significant announcement. The company, which is involved in the development of advanced and lightweight photovoltaic solutions, announced that it has been selected by NASA for two flight demonstrations.

The company announced that the space agency’s Marshall Space Flight Center has selected Ascent Solar for the same. It is a significant development for the company due to the simple reason that an effective endorsement from NASA is a stamp of approval for its products. Hence, it was no surprise that the stock soared yesterday. That being said, if the company manages to be successful in its demonstration then it could provide a far bigger boost.

Richard McEntire

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