ASRock B550AM Gaming: Cheapest Addressable RGB Motherboard With PCIe Gen4, Full Specs Revealed

ASRock never fails to surprise us with it’s motherboard innovation. Upcoming Micro-ATX B550AM Gaming motherboard model is shocking whole internet by showing off full specs in a leaked PDF file. The official ASRock website still has not published yet. Astonishing simple design with ultra demanding specs by average gamers is revealed in it’s full glory. Yes, at last PCIe 4.0 chipset from AMD is enabled through hardware upgrade over B450 series. Most important feature of B550AM Gaming is ARGB (Addressable RGB) LED 3 pin port for RGB enthusiasts. Unfortunately, promontory B550A chipset by AMD may only be targeted towards OEMs such as Cyberpowerpc, Dell, HP and others.

Thanks to cyberpowerinc official driver website for accidentally leaking these valuable data. Later on it was found by incredible hardware enthusiast Komachi_Ensaka twitter user. In fact, many news outlets and TechTubers have already did little commentary on this motherboard. However, general audience wants more details, without further ado, let’s dissect some specs of this B550AM Gaming hardware.

First of all, the I/O panel or Input and Output connectors look amazingly promising. Traditional PS/2 mouse and keyboard ports are found here to accommodate some office related traditional bosses who like PS/2 old school peripherals. USB 3.2 Gen 1 ports are detected for necessary USB accessories. Commonly used microphone, Line In and Front Speaker ports come within the package. Also you may detect modern USB Type-C port enhanced by USB 3.2 Gen2 protocol together with Type A USB port. Latest Picasso and Raven Ridge APUs must be connected to HDMI port so B550AM Gaming come to rescue the APU lovers. LAN RJ-45 port is the only rival internet connection for built-in WiFi Adapter.

On the motherboard layout, everything looks simple. Somehow, multigpu function the two way or QuadX Crossfire is enabled in this motherboard for only AMD Radeon cards. Only one m.2 Ultra slot is provided by ASRock for PCIe Gen4 NVMe SSDs like Corsair MP600 and Samsung 980 Evo. Staggering Addressable LED header also found together with two RGB LED ones. There is AMD LED Fan USB header to switch on RGB light on Wraith Prism cooler. 4 slots of dual channel memory might upgrade your powerful RIG into a 128 GB max capacity RAM. Total three front USB connectors consisting of USB 3.2 Gen1 and two USB 2.0 headers. Rest of the ordinary features are commonly known for gamers and enthusiasts which don’t require broad explanation.

RGB 4 pin and ARGB 3 pin connected LED strips or fans can be controlled from ASRock Polychrome RGB software. You may change the style of lighting in drop-down menu.

ASRock APP shop will assist gamers to install some neccessary utilites and drivers. You may buy several software to unlock premium features. Overall, this app is the safest place to download important programs.

A-Tuning software is the ASRock latest utility to enable overclocking and control fan speed as well as monitor hardware condition. You may choose operation mode to Performance, Standard or Power Saving type.

UEFI BIOS Utility from ASRock looks very similar to Fatal1ty Gaming K4 motherboard BIOS menu but with different background logo. This BIOS has feature called OC tweaker to precisely control overclocking tasks over CPU frequency and Memory timings or speed. To conclude, B550AM Gaming is the simplest motherboard with required modern features to assist gamers in purchasing a dream gaming PC with lower cost.