AST SpaceMobile (ASTS) Stock Is Growing Steadily: How High Can It Go?

ASTS is one of the most popular companies today. This company is good at moving a huge number of its shares a day, even if there is no news. The company gained 6.36% after yesterday, rising from $10.37 to $11.03. So, what exactly is the company that is suddenly trading massive quantities of stock on what appears to be a non-news day?
AST SpaceMobile shares rise as the space SPAC stock begins trading on the  Nasdaq - newsbindingReddit-approved companies Torchlight Energy (TECH) and AST Space Mobile (ASTS) went to “space” yesterday by more than 15% each. The growth for the space-based cellular network company is linked to the Wallstreetbets forum on Reddit. Users of this social media recommend this company to everyone.

AST SpaceMobile is attempting to create a one-of-a-kind, entirely space-based broadband cell phone network. The primary purpose is to remove all 5G gaps globally. Unfortunately, the firm has yet to reveal how its technology intends to achieve this aim. However, we know that AST staff are hard at work since the firm recently filed for its 1000th patent. These patents cover a wide range of space communication markets.

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