Astra Space (ASTR) Stock is Struggling This Week While Other Space Opponents Soar: What’s Your Choice??

Astra Space stock keeps at a very silent place. The stock rises 2.17% in pre-market. Astra Space Travel is currently trading at $9.20. It has gained a lot of hype around orbital space travel, and it could benefit from the increased commercialization of this field. The market capitalization of Astra Space is $2.339 billion.

Astra Space is a leading space launch company that aims to provide commercial launches. As of now, it has secured over 50 launches under its belt. Its goal is to reach space by 2025. Astra is a launch vehicle company based in California. It was previously known as stealth Space Company. Its name was changed to Astra Space in 2016.

In 2018, Astra was one of the three teams competing in the DARPA Launch Challenge. Although it was only referred to as a stealth startup at this point, it eventually became the only team to compete in the event and win the $12 million prize. In 2020, the deadline for the Challenge ended, and the only team that could launch a rocket within the allotted time was Astra.

Michael Rowels

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