AstraZeneca Shares Surge 0,13 Percent: What Financial Results Does The Company Expect By The End Of 2021?

Today, the shares are trading at the price of 8,277 GBP, the growth of the stock was 0.13%. The shares at the beginning of this month were worth 8,656 GBP. From July 2 to July 14, the share price ranged from 8,679 – 8,651 GBP. A significant decline in the stock occurred on July 19, the shares were worth 8,228 GBP. The next day, the shares rose by 8,603 GBP.

Analysts predict AstraZeneca’s revenue of $ 35 billion in 2021. If this happens, it will reflect a huge 28% improvement in sales compared to the last 12 months. Before the latest update, analysts had forecast revenue of $ 31 billion in 2021. It seems that there is a clear increase in optimism about AstraZeneca, given the strong growth in revenue forecasts.

AstraZeneca’s revenue growth rate is predicted to accelerate, with forecast revenue growth of 39% year-on-year by the end of 2021, much higher than the company’s historical growth rate of 2.8% each year over the previous five years. Other firms in a similar industry (with analyst coverage) are expected to grow sales by 8.2% per year, according to our data. Given the projected acceleration in revenue, it becomes clear that AstraZeneca will grow much faster than its industry.

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