AstraZeneca Offers A New Solution For Those Who Cannot Take Vaccines Against COVID-19

AstraZeneca stock has continued to grow for six months. In June, the company reached its maximum and was worth $60.79. This is definitely a good result over the past few years. During the last trading session, the shares were trading at a price of $59.89. AstraZeneca is currently working on a method of antibody treatment. AstraZeneca has requested permission from US regulators to use a new treatment to prevent COVID-19 for those who have a bad reaction to vaccines due to a weakened immune system.

This treatment is mainly aimed at people with a weak immune system or for those who simply cannot take vaccines. Data published earlier this year show that not only the first injection is quite strong and has stable protection, but the second dose really increased this protection to 94%, putting it in the arena of vaccine MRNA protection. This data shows a real focus around vaccines and protection, and it’s still an important conversation. At the moment, the vaccination rate in the United States remains very low compared to other countries.