AstroSwap Deploys Instantly On Velas’ Blockchain

AstroSwap platform was created by a team of entrepreneurs and blockchain experts. It was launched on January 28, after a 5 month of IDO. The team has seen the popularity of cryptocurrency grow constantly over the past few years and believes that the demand for a decentralized exchange will only continue to increase as more people wake up to the benefits of blockchain technology.

ASTRO is designed to keep the value of its token on a high level, but also ensure that traders are well rewarded for their loyalty. To this end, ASTRO’s buy-back plan promises to keep a healthy volume of coins in circulation while ensuring traders get maximum returns on their investment.

With the buy-back plan, AstroTokens will be bought from exchanges at market price and burned; the number of tokens in circulation will consequently decrease as time goes by. With high-quality products and a history of holding interactive AMAs, AstroSwap is an excellent project for new investment.