AstroTools Is Soaring Today: What Should You Know?

Looking at the cryptograph of ASTRO the first thing that you see is the curvy line, which goes upwards representing the coin’s jump. For today, the coin’s worth is making up $0,290331. The market cap of the crypto is 871,186 when the market cap rank is #2140.

The total supply of crypto is 5,000,000. Moreover, the coin’s highest point during the week was at $0.285111 with the lowest point at $0.289016, however, the all-time peak was $2.12.

Astrotools describes itself as a DeFi dashboard, whose goal is to connect the information gap between centralized and decentralized exchanges with the aim of giving users an analytical point to supercharge their trading experience. Moreover, users can create a custom dashboard by choosing trading pairs for tracking and analysis.

AstroTools suggests a simple checking process for contract address and trade pair accuracy, preventing accidental loss of funds to duplicative scam coins.