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ASUS TUF Gaming B550M-PLUS & PRIME B550M-A Motherboards For Latest AMD Ryzen CPUs Confirmed

Asus is preparing it’s midrange TUF Gaming B550M-PLUS and budget PRIME B550M-A motherboards for AM4 socket supported AMD Ryzen CPUs. Of course, these gorgeous motherboards will include latest PCIe Gen 4 for wider bandwidth. Only 3rd Gen Ryzen Matisse Processors might unlock their potential to link up with GPU using PCIe 4.0 superfast protocol. Incredibly, leaked information is coming from tech enthusiast twitter user momomo _us. Obviously, TUF Gaming motherboard models are very well equipped with cooling heatsinks and premium capacitors to withstand heavy OC experience compared to cheaper PRIME editions.

Unfortunately, according to recent information from HKEPC leaked slides from Soyo AMD partner, the chipset uplink towards CPU won’t be enhanced by PCIe 4.0 but 3.0 only. The storage controller is thankfully powered by latest Gen 4 together with first GPU slot. Other I/O including USB ports and SATA connections will be still under PCIe Gen 3. Anyway, luckily AMD didn’t decide to leave overclocking B550 chipset under outdated PCie 3.0 standard like they will do to A520 motherboards.