Asus TUF Gaming FA706II Beats HP Omen 15-dh1xxx In Geekbench Multicore Results: AMD Ryzen 7 4800H vs Intel Core i7-10750H

8 core 16 thread processors’ battle already started before the official release. In latest geekbench single and multicore scores you may notice Asus TUF Gaming FA706II beating the HP Omen Gaming 15-dh1xxx laptop. Obviously, upcoming new Asus TUF Gaming laptops will feature AMD’s 7nm process technology enhanced by Ryzen 7 4800H, Ryzen 7 4700H and Ryzen 5 4600H APUs paired with Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 2060, GTX 1660 Ti, GTX 1660 and GTX 1650 respectively according to last leaks. On the other side, HP Omen Gaming laptop series might also include Ryzen 4000 series APUs but in latest geekbench results you may see upcoming Intel Core i7-10750H CPU powered model.

Very expected results illustrated by twitter user Tum_Apisak who likes to compare freshly leaked AMD vs Intel chips. In single core results the Core i7-10750H is 3-5% ahead of Ryzen 7 4800H by scoring 5459 points whereas AMD chip got only 5228. Nowadays, single core performance is not important anymore since many software are able to utilize multicore CPUs effectively. Here comes the boom for laptop enthusiasts preferring to stay mobile while doing productivity workloads. Monstrous multicore result of AMD Ryzen 7 4800H just obliterates i7-10750H by big margin of 31614 points against the Intel’s 22323 score.

In real world situation, this Ryzen 7 4800H benchmark translates into a record breaking performance which is almost equal to Intel’s expensive Core i9-10980HK. Unreleased and rumored Ryzen 9 4900H is also a possible record breaker if Intel officially launches Comet Lake laptop CPUs. AMD’s ace Ryzen 9 4900H might be the fastest gaming APU for laptops. Remember, 7nm process technology allows better IPC performance under low TDP settings to save the battery life. In contrast, Intel’s existing and inefficient 14nm++ powered Comet Lake Core i9-10980HK and i7-10750H must consume loads power from the socket in order to stay relevant in the gaming laptop market as you can see the desktop variants’ performance leaked out in sisoft sandra website that shared by _rogame twitter informer.