At Salt Bae’s Nusr Et Restaurants You Don’t Eat Meat When You Pay This Crazy Bill To See the Meme Guy

Known by millions as a meme guy with a salting technique Salt Bae owns several restaurants under the name Nusr Et in luxurious cities around the world. He leads a busy life by traveling from one to another of his assets, cooking, meeting, and taking pics with celebrities and glamorous people. On Instagram, he sometimes shares how he trains employees who currently work in Nusr Et chains.

Recently, Ray William Johnson, a creator of the Equals Three YouTube channel says that you don’t eat steak when you pay (31K Rs) $8500 US to see Salt Bae who can actually be his double hired by himself. If Salt Bae has his doubles in every Nusr Et restaurant, around $100k he can make a day. Nevertheless, it can’t be true unless investigation bureaus prove it.

salt bae bill