Athersys Stock Corrects After Continues Falling

The results of the company’s Phase 1/2 clinical trial for MultiStem cell therapy have been launched in a peer-reviewed publication. The study, known as MUST-ARDS, evaluated the effectiveness and welfare for the intake by patients that suffer from ARDS which stands for “Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrom”. The recent research with patients testing the therapy has come to good results, even with the patients that are explicit to a drastic level of ARDS. ATHX stock is up 12% today, rising $1.15 in the pre-market.

Analytical%20Biotechnology%20Analytical%20Chemistry%202019 1562131269774The trial evaluated the safety and efficacy of MultiStem in patients with ARDS. It also assessed various quality of life (QoL) measures. The study has shown great results for further acceptance of the grant that will be given out by the FDA. The MUST-ARDS trial was a multicenter, open-label study designed to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of MultiStem in critically ill adult patients with ARDS. It was completed before COVID-19 was approved for human use. The results of the study have made the safety of the treatment possible for lung injury syndrome. The study co-author, Dr. Jenkins has noted that the results have led to an inspiring item for future development of the treatment to make more trials.

Anthony Gonzales

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