Audioboom Group (BOOM.L) Shares Are Going Sky-High by 40.00% This Week Amid Recent News

The share market of Audioboom Group shows positive dynamics, and prices are fluctuating from GBP 869.00 to GBP 995.00. However, the statistics display that the company is recovering from the sharp dip on Wednesday. Heading into today, revenue per share is GBP 930.00; the company’s increase is 5.44% for the whole month. This week, Audioboom (BOOM) announced its first adjusted cash profit of $0.2 million.Last Friday, AAA addressed Audioboom’s board about a prospective offer. It would buy 26.4 percent of the company’s issued share capital. If accepted, Audioboom’s stock would be valued at 1,200p per share. Based on the company’s closing price on the final business day before discussions were announced, this implies a 36 percent premium.

While AAA represented the talks as “productive,” Audioboom claimed that it has not had “any substantive communication” about the offer on Monday. So far, the stock has not moved above AAA’s recommended price, indicating that the market does not anticipate a rival offer. However, a set of encouraging interim findings revealed on Tuesday makes Audioboom appear even more appealing.

Paul Meyer

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