Ault Global (DPW) Is Rising By Almost 30% Pre-Market: Is It Worth Your Money?

Over the past week, Ault Global Holdings, Inc., has been downfalling pretty badly. The stock price was at $2.65 on July 6, then it crashed to $2.35 on July 7. On July 9 the stock has surged to $2.54. Then on Monday, July 12, the stock has plummeted to the price of $2.30 As of the last trading session the price has sunk to $2.28.
Todd Ault, III, the Chairman, and CEO of DP Lending, Inc., said that the company’s preliminary financial results for the second quarter of 2021 reflect the strength of its loan and trading activities at DP Lending. With a strong balance sheet and a capable management team, the future prospects of the Company are bright.

The Company has various beneficial ownership and rights to acquire additional shares of Alzamend. These include the right to acquire up to 1.35 million shares upon the exercise of warrants owned by its subsidiary. In March 2021, Alzamend agreed to sell and issue to DP Lending warrants to acquire up to 50% of its common stock at an exercise price of $3.00.

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