Aurora Cannabis (ACB) Drops By 16%: If Biden Does Not Sign Marijuana Legalization Bill, Worst Is Coming?

Not great news. Since July 13, Aurora’s stock is significantly sinking. On that day, it was $8.56. Today, after a week, it is reaching a $7.21 mark in the pre-market. Expect this to continue. It’s been a year since vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris promised on national television that a Biden-Harris government would endorse legislation of marijuana. But it seems it might not be happening at all. Why? Because of the Mr. President.
Despite the Vice-President’s avowed support for legalization, the person who ultimately decides the destiny of any marijuana legalization law that passes Congress is apparently not a fan. On the contrary, the president supports only “small reform” such as cleaning criminal records (as Harris promised) and decriminalizing cannabis possession (which sort of sounds like what she promised in the past but isn’t quite as decisive as what she seemed to promise).

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Anyways, according to White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, the White House has “no new endorsements” it wants to make in the wake of the new Senate bill’s unveiling. Read between the lines and that kind of sounds like the president is against legalization.

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