AutoWeb Will Provide A Subscribe To A Tesla Model 3 With Autonomy

AutoWeb is a leading company that provides services to dealers with high-quality consumer leads, etc. throughout, the United States. Last week, on January 20, the company proclaimed that it had entered into a business relationship with Autonomy, which is based in Santa Monica, California. Autonomy is innovative through technology, finance, and also for electric vehicles. On this news, the stock price of AUTO slightly surged from $3.2000 to $3.8127 by rising 19%. However, currently on the pre-market trading sessions, it is plummeting by 10%.


There is a new alternative for drivers who want to drive a Tesla but can’t afford it or don’t want to commit themselves. Following this, the Tesla subscription service was launched, providing customers with a Model 3 sedan for a fixed monthly fee. The purpose of the collaboration is for consumers to be able to visit AutoWeb websites, such as and, to get a subscription to the Tesla Model 3 through Autonomy. Nowadays, Autonomy has purchased about 100 cars from Tesla, and later it will expand its services. The company offers consumers the cheapest, fastest, and easiest way to get a Tesla Model 3.