Avacta Group (AVCT.L) Shares Are Crashing 8.76% Despite Recent News On ISO13485 Certificates.

Avacta saw its rise at the end of March of 2020. The prices jumped and peaked at 273 GBP on May 10, 2021. On July 16, the price dropped by 8.76% standing at 125 GBP. This is a 12-point loss since the previous close of 137 GBP. With a high beta score of 2.06, the company is volatile, and it has a chance to raise its share prices once again. The company’s latest news is that it got ISO 13485 certification for the production and spread of Affirmer reagents. This certification specifies some of the criteria for developing and distributing diagnostic products in terms of quality management.

The certification provides Avacta with a realistic foundation for meeting certain requirements when it comes to its products, and it also ensures the safety and high quality of the final product. It also means that Avacta will get credit for the CE mark for the SARS-CoV-2 antigen lateral flow test from Mologic, and it will be the legal manufacturer of all upcoming diagnostic products.

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