Avacta Group Shares Dip 1,81%: Should We Worry About The AVCT’s Debt?

The dynamics of share price growth has been falling rapidly for six months. For the month of May, the shares were worth 273.00 GBP. The following month, the price fell to 167.00 GBP. As of July, the shares fell to 136.00 GBP. The share price fell to 106.00 last month. Yesterday, the shares were trading at 136.00 GBP, 1.81% below the starting point. As of December 2020, Avanta Group had 48 million pounds in cash and no debts. If you look at last year, the company spent 12 million pounds in the UK.

Avacta Group Shares Dip 1,81%: Should We Worry About The AVCT's Debt? As a result, as of December 2020, its box office streak was about 3.9 years. Avanta Group actually increased its cash flow by 12% year on year. According to our data, operating revenue fell by 6.5% over the same period. Currently, the market capitalization of Avanta Group is 300 million pounds, and last year it decreased by 12 million pounds, which is 4.1% of the company’s market value. This is a low share, so the company has the opportunity to raise more money to finance growth by issuing new shares or even just borrow some money.

Lora Nilsson

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