Aviva (AV.L) Shares Are Rising As The Company Is Pressured To Return £5 Billion To Shareholders.

It was a rough year for Aviva as its shares have visibly dropped since the beginning of 2020. Currently, the price is standing at 380.7 GBP. The previous close concluded at 376.8 GBP. The company gained 3.9 GBP since the market opened at 378.2 GBP. Aviva’s shares declined at the beginning of 2020. The prices fell from 410.9 GBP to 231.6 GBP. In November of 2020, the firm started to gain strength. Aviva’s shares have risen 6.8% in the last three months.  They rose after leading activist investment group Cevian Capital pressed the insurer to return £5 billion ($7 billion) in cash to shareholders next year.

CEO Amanda Blanc is pursuing a strategy of selling non-core divisions in order to enhance the company’s UK focus. The announcement was made back in August of the last year. Since then, it sold its Italian company for 754 million ( $1 billion) in March.

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