Axie Infinity Announces Its New Origin Game To Be Launched Soon

Axie Infinity: Origin is just around the corner. The community has been a key focus for the company since the beginning. As part of the commitment to creating a positive and welcoming environment, the team has implemented features such as a harassment reporting tool, in-game chat moderation, language filters, and self-reporting tools.  The team is confident that Origin will be the best game in the Axie universe. As a result of its commitment to the community, Axie Infinity has seen a surge in overall engagement. The correlation between player engagement and the frequency of contests illustrates that Axie Infinity’s strategy is working.

Axie Infinity is an Ethereum blockchain-based digital game is in the works that will let players breed and collect their own mini monsters. Looking for the best picked GPUs for mining? It is a community-driven game, where players can come together to discuss, create content and make decisions. In Axie Infinity, the user’s choices affect their experience as well as the evolution of their Axies. The platform allows users to battle with other players using their own Axies.