Axie Infinity (AXS) Dips Today: Best Time To Buy?

The Internet is bringing out new cryptocurrencies almost every day. Most of them leave as quickly as they came. This is a high-risk market. However, there is already a well-known community around Axie Infinity. With the total valuation of the coin of $120.65 and market capitalization of $7,356,647,176, the coin is on the #26 rank among other coins. The total supply of the crypto is 270,000,000 when the circulating supply is 61,142,451. However, the decrease from the all-time high peak is made up 23.1%.

Axie Infinity is a blockchain game where players fight each other using fantastic creatures, each of which is represented as an NFT token. Players can buy, create and transfer with the new creatures. During the last week, the number of Axie Infinity token holders surpassed 17 thousand addresses, which is an increase of 420% from the beginning of the year.