Ayro’s Stock Soars After Factory Expansion To Compete Against Electra Meccanica Solo

One of the cheapest and high potential stocks NASDAQ: AYRO soars 60.40% reaching over $5 line while investors increase its daily volume up to 188.5k shares.

Up to 600 Ayro electric vehicles per month producing factory has just been completed in Austin, TX. “Our previous facility was only capable of producing up to 200 vehicles per month and we knew that we would soon outgrow its capabilities if we met our projected growth targets,” said Rod Keller, CEO of Ayro.

Ayro 311 has three wheels like Electra Meccanica Solo which has a design between motorcycle and car. They both are easy to maneuver on roads with traffic jams. The main strength of such cars is their cheapest prices. Those who hate taking auto loans may consider Ayro 311 and Solo for commuting in cities.

As EVs conquering roads Ayro managed to offer its specialized models to grow big enough so it could manufacture various types. Right now, filling a huge gap in the uncrowded market may bring financial power within a decade.