Baby Catcoin Surges Over 111 Percent After Its Initial Launch

Baby Catcoin is a next-generation cryptocurrency that will generate rewards based on the holders’ current holding percentage. Its decentralized nature and stable exchange rate make it a safer alternative to other cryptos. The Baby Catcoin token contract has a static reward system that enables the team to perform manual buybacks.

The reward is distributed every 60 minutes. However, it can be claimed in shorter time frames. The 5% allocated for the project marketing wallet is used to fund the operation of the platform. The maximum transaction size will be 1% to limit dumps and 2% to limit large whales.

Each transaction will process a number of holder wallets. The calculation of the reward will be based on the holding percentage, which means that all gains will be split equally. When a holder’s wallet is processed, the contract will check the number of withdrawable dividends that they have and will send the rewards to that address. Fully automated, this system uses minimal gas fees. The number of holders that are processed is dynamically adjusted based on the size of the transaction.