Bamboo Coin (BMBO) Slightly Moves +15% Today: Should You Take A Risk And Invest?

Bamboo Coin’s market is now seeing a price increase. Bamboo Coin has already attained a new price of $0.00018478. Tokens started to fall at 20:00 when the crypto reached a high of $0.00010.

The positive dynamics for the crypto totaled a 7% drop. Bamboo Coin has a $2,044,872 trading volume. This is only the second day of cryptocurrency on the market. But experts predicted a big jump on the first day, as they were assured that the cryptocurrency was built on a strong Solana blockchain.

Что такое Solana (SOL) простыми словами - CointribuneBut despite the poor results of the cryptocurrency, the official website says that the tokens are sold out within 1 hour after opening. In the cryptocurrency program, it is planned that part of the budget will go to charity, namely the maintenance of pandas in China, projects for girls, and animal protection.