Baosheng Media Group (BAOS) – A Sharp Increase In Stocks, Is It Worth Investing?

On the chart, you can see a significant increase in the stock price, as the stock just increased by 25%. On the premarket, it is projected that the company’s stock price would increase by over 40%. What is to come next? Is it worthwhile to invest in the business? To get a reasonably clear image of the situation, let’s examine the company’s activities.

In the People’s Republic of China, Baosheng Media Group Holdings Limited is an internet marketing solution provider. The company connects advertisers and online publishers, assisting marketers in a variety of ways, including advising on advertising strategy, budgets, and channel selection; procuring ad inventory; providing ad optimization services; and administering and fine-tuning the ad placement process.

what about the financial future of the company? how good is it? According to analysts, revenue declined by 33.2 % over the last year. Additionally, the stock price has been extremely erratic in the last three months. A high amount of non-cash wages and a little market capitalization ($88 million). As a result, BIOS is not the finest firm in which to invest.

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Anthony Gonzales

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