Barrel Energy (BRLL) Rockets Amid Discussing with Eco-Mining (SXOOF) Regarding Lithium Processing Tech Centers

As the upcoming decade will have soaring demand for lithium because of the crazily expanding EV industry with fierce competition. So, to feed the futuristic large market a never-ending supply of lithium must take a solid place in the eyes of manufacturers unless using graphene brings a more optimal solution for a longer-ranging EV battery.

Seeing this obvious opportunity a Barrel Energy’s (OTC: BRLL) top management decides to take part in developing effective lithium extracting tech. Talking with the top man of Canadian Eco-Mining (SXOOF) to prepare the procedure for the future ways of mining the lithium related metals or elements.

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Along with soaring BRLL shares, SXOOF is growing 3.90% to $0.2078 on over 140 million shares. Investing in both penny stocks may lead the buyers to have 50% returns in days. After the crazily soared AMC and GME, the OTC stocks might be the next target for short-term speculators.

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