Bed Bath and Beyond (BBBY): Any Hope For $10 Value?

After downgrades from several analysts Bed Bath & Beyond (NASDAQ: BBBY) sharply fell last Wednesday’s session. There was actual optimism in the stock when the $14.09 mark appeared for an hour on August 30. Unfortunately, the death of the company’s CFO is hardly hitting BBBY this month.

Restructuring by laying off and closing stores is most probably an effective solution for Bed Bath & Beyond to exist further. However, its stock may not be gaining steadily as post-bankrupt companies usually have fluctuating share prices.

Today BBBY is falling 15% in premarket hours. After the market closes we might see different prices. Thanks to covid-19 lockdown for decreasing such expensive BBBY shares. Soon day traders may have a “pump and dump” opportunity again as it happened to GameStop and AMC stocks. Expecting the $10 mark is a small part of much higher prices.