Benchmark Testing PES 2020 Using Ryzen 5 3400G With Vega 11 Graphics Card On 1080P

On September 10 gamers will face release of PES 2020 which can be pre-ordered now and the demo version is available now. There is a nice chance to test the upcoming game with any setup you have now. If you miss old good players you may choose a ‘Legend Edition’ in a digital version. TechEpiphany started testing it with Ryzen 5 3400G that has Vega 11 Graphics integrated. Let’s see what will show the benchmark test on 1080p.

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Testing PES 2020 With Assistance of Ryzen 5 3400G With Vega 11 GPU

The results are quite impressive. GPU is set on 1.4GHz, usage stays on 95% and hits till 50 degrees in Celcius. RAM is used up to 2GB and clocking maximum 1.73GHz. CPU usage reaches 60% almost and clocks maximum 3.7GHz. The interesting thing is up to 60 FPS frame rate and low frame time is 16ms. There was no lagging during the gameplay. According to the benchmark test, Ryzen 5 3400G suits playing on maximum 1080p but not higher as it is recommended for budget gaming.

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Source: TechEpiphany via Youtube

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