Benjamin Hill Mining (BNN.CN) Absence Of Any Progress And Not To Move Forward, Staying Around Can$0.4100

About five days ago, the stock of Benjamin Hill Mining was at Can$0.4100 later; the price temporarily fell to Can$0.3900 on July 09. Since Friday, the shares have steadily recovered until today to the same place as five days ago by 5%. The stock of the company moving without growth approximately at Can$0.4100.See the source imageBenjamin Hill Mining Corp. is pleased to announce further conclusions of the analysis of our property in Benjamin Hill, including the Sonora Gold and Sonora Copper concessions. These samples were required to be restarted at a higher threshold for accurate measurement of copper concentrations; several samples were above the standard laboratory analytical method threshold of 10wt%.

Benjamin Hill mining geologists confronted the copper as mentioned above and gold mineralization while conducting detailed mapping and sampling in the copper areas of Karakaui in the North and Sonora. BHM geologists gathered 587 samples of rock chips, concentrate on the widespread manifestations of quartz veins and quartz breccias, containing an abundance of hematite, limonite, and a small amount of pyrite. This type of geology is characteristic of copper and gold mineralization in the Karakaui Norte and Sonora copper exploration areas within the framework of the project.

Jack Dawkins

Finance and Tech Contributor

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