Beta Finance (BETA) Drops: What Should You Know?

The token gained more than 6500% after it started to trade at the Binance exchange. However, during the last 24 hours of trading, the crypto has declined by more than 12% with a trading volume of $100,839,444. The market capitalization exceeds $376,576,546. This innovation started to trade at Binance starting from the 8th of September. Currently, it is trading together with Bitcoin, Binance coin, also with USDT and BUSD which are examined as stable coins.

Deposit Contract of Ethereum 2.0 Reaches $28 Billion Worth of ETH | Finance MagnatesBeta Finance is the trading platform for cryptocurrency which is providing the users with the ability to issue different kinds of loans in digital bright assets. One of the main advantages is that the token enables users to give the loans not only in big and well-known cryptos but also in small and not famous tokens. For now, there is more than 160,000 token of the coin with a total supply of $1 billion. If you are interested in obtaining or selling this crypto, you better use Binance exchange.