Beyond Meat (BYND) Stock Shows Very Bad Results This Week: Should You Trust This Stock?

Beyond Meat Inc (BYND) has gained 0.04% over the last year, and it has the average rating of a Hold from Wall Street analysts. Its fundamental score is also influenced by a score of 13. For a new company, taking on more debt can be very risky. For Beyond Meat, it shows that they are taking on more debt.
Beyond Meat’s latest report indicated that it plans to use the remaining proceeds of its new loan for general corporate purposes. This move is not ideal, as early exits should be careful in their use of debt. The company has a large market cap and a debt-to-equity ratio of 14.3%. Even though this is relatively small, it shows that the company has a stable enough market cap to justify a 14.3% debt to equity portion.

Beyond Meat has taken on an additional US$1b in debt, which it might have used for strategic reasons. With a massive growth potential, but also risks that come with an aggressive expansion, this company should be careful not to make any major mistakes.

Richard McEntire

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