Billboard Soon To Release NFTs Based On Music

Universal Music Group and Billboard have partnered to create ChartStars NFTs, a blockchain-based initiative that will enable fans to collect virtual items. Billboard’s 1st NFT product is aimed at music fans. It will feature collectible items that will commemorate the achievements of artists and will allow fans to participate in live events. As the launch partner of Billboard, Universal Music Group will work with the company to recognize the significant chart accomplishments of artists. This includes reaching the Top 25 and achieving another significant milestone.

Universal Music Group is the only corporation that has nine of the top ten albums on Billboard’s album chart. This achievement is a record that has been achieved six times in the 64-year history of the chart. Music fans will be able to collect virtual items that will commemorate their favorite artists through the platform. They will also have the opportunity to win real-world prizes. Billboard is pushing the envelope by creating unique digital collectible items that allow fans to appreciate cultural and unique moments in music. Unblocked, which is backed by Dapper Labs, has been selected as the NFT technology provider of ChartStars. Its platform will allow consumers to pay for digital collectible items.