Biolase (BIOL) Stock Moves Back Above $1 as Value Buyers Return

Biolase Technology (NASDAQ: BIOL) surged 34% following a series of announcements last week.

Biolase (BIOL) Stock Moves Back Above $1 as Value Buyers Return

After a stagnant 2020, the company, which prides itself as an industry leader in the dental laser tech field, has taken off 2021 with its shares soaring. In Q1 2021, the company leveraged deals from 2020 to be an attractive play, and it has been hands-on with its investing events. The newest partnership the company secured ensures longevity for its future.

The company is a medical laser tech leader, and it offers six different categories ranging from pediatric laser to ultra-precise-implant laser tech.  Last year new users contributed to 78% of Biolase’s sales, which is significant growth. The 31% revenue growth in Q4 2020 triggered interest in the stock. Its latest announcement unveiled a collaboration with Einstein Healthcare Network. The partnership will offer endodontic dental residents Biolase tech applications training. The stock is making massive strides, and it is one of the stocks to watch in the coming days.

Jack Dawkins

Finance and Tech Contributor