Biolase (BIOL) Tripled Since December: Will It Hit $5 Soon?

Worldwide dental laser leader Biolase Inc (NASDAQ: BIOL) has been on the radars of plenty of investors in recent months and that can be noticed from the sort of gains that have been generated by its stock.

Since the middle of October last year, the Biolase stock has been on a winning run and has managed to clock gains of as big as 200%. Last week, the company made another announcement that could again be proved to be a boost for its stock in a big way.

The company announced on March 30 that it is going to collaborate on a program with the Einstein Healthcare Network. The company announced that it is going to be involved in training resident endodontics on the use of the Waterlase dental lasers. It is a significant development for the company and one that could bring long-term benefits to the company. Investors could consider tracking the stock today.

Alex Krakowsky

Editor in Chief.Living in the era of dynamic tech change Alex decided to stay tuned in changes that make any person find comfort and adapt to new devices. Furthermore, gaming became his passion for spending leisure time with his close ones. Although, he has a degree in Business Administration (majoring in Finance) writing for technology and as well as finance has been one of the precious aspects of his life

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