Biophytis Is Now Approved By ANVISA For Severe Covid-19 Treatment Procedure

Biophytis receives approval from ANVISA for the Expanded Access Program designed to treat COVID-19 with Sarconeos patients. According to the numbers of hospitalized patients with severe COVID-19, the number of patients has increased sharply.

There is a little number of options to treat severe Covid-19 stages, including when respiratory insufficiency necessitates mechanical ventilation in the ICU. The study will provide useful information on the safety of Sarconeos (BIO101) in critically ill ventilated patients, a novel potential indication.

The Phase 2a clinical trial with BIO101 in critically ill ventilated patients is on track to complete enrolment. The company is very excited about the potential of this novel therapeutic approach and looks forward to reporting data from this study.

Sarconeos (BIO101) has been developed for the treatment of severe respiratory manifestations of COVID-19 in non-intubated hospitalized patients. Sarconeos (BIO101) is a synthetic human mannose-binding lectin, which is a natural molecule that binds specifically with the Gal Nac terminal residues of viral envelopes from picornaviruses such as rhinoviruses and enteroviruses.