Biotech Penny Stocks To Consider This Summer: CYDY, NWBO, RFLTF, ENZC

In a bearish market searching for penny stocks with growth potential requires time-consuming efforts. Today we think it would be right to highlight the most searched and discussed penny stocks such as Cytodyn (CYDY), Northwest (NWBO), Relief (RLFTF), Enzolytics (ENZC), and Asia Broadband (AABB).

Cytodyn (CYDY)

Throughout covid-19 pandemic leronlimab, a potential coronavirus vaccine has been clinically tested and commercialized by Cytodyn. The company eventually made a partial hold on the HIV program and a full hold on the covid-19 program. Afterward, there were organizational rearrangements in top positions. On June 14 CYDY started gaining towards $0.50 per share.

Northwest (NWBO)

To fight brain cancer Northwest has come up with DCVax, a potential candidate to confront cancer cells. In Sawston, UK, the company has built a facility to produce it. Currently, DCVax is the main focus in generating potential revenue to support the manufacturing of other products.

Relief (RFLTF)

Developing and commercializing aviptadil and Acer-001 has been the main priority for Relief. The stock is still plunging although successful updates were released recently. FDA review on Acer-001 and breakthrough designation for aviptadil could not push the stock up. Maybe increased revenue would boost the stock upwards.

Enzolytics (ENZC)

There is a high expectation of Enzolytics’ increasing revenue from selling IPF Immune, an immune modulator. Recently, the company was making efforts to commercialize the product. Soon, we may witness a significant rise in revenue if IPF immune is marketed successfully.

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