Bit Brother (BTB) Stock Rapidly Pops 12% For Today: Will It Continue To Soar?

Over the period from September 8 to September 14, the stock fluctuated with a substantial value with an average of $0.9101. Furthermore, just yesterday, the price was closed at $0.8924, and today it quickly picked up to almost $1.0000, representing 12% profit. The total market cap right now is composing $35 million. Bit Brother Limited was incorporated in the British Virgin Islands as a limited liability company on November 28, 2011.
Currently, the business Bit Brother Limited consists of the distribution and retail of unique tea products. They recently decided to start activities in the field of mining technology and blockchain cryptocurrency. Despite this, the company plans to use the newly created subsidiary Hunan Bit Brother Holding Limited to research and develop software and applications based on blockchains and commercialization of these applications and cryptocurrency production.

April Sanchez

Business and Tech Reporter

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