Bitcoin To Rise If Swift Turned Off in Russia

The sudden attack from Russia against Ukraine was actually predicted by the Western intelligence agencies in December 2021. To stop this aggression the U.S and its allies are already preparing serious sanctions that will surely hit Russia’s economy in just a day. One of the biggest tools to slow down any country’s economy is SWIFT, a platform that facilitates smooth exchanges between banks in multiple currencies.

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The Russian ruble has already lost 10 points in a week. Businesses are promptly closing down in major cities of the Russian Federation since this January. Turning off the Swift platform will actually block funds that flow to Russian banks. Then only via Belarusian banks, Russia will be able to transfer massive funds. However, ordinary citizens won’t have such opportunities due to geographical obstacles. Here comes a cryptocurrency, Bitcoin that is available anywhere. Even Taliban-controlled Afghanistan is now using it after trying everything to open economic relations with the world. So most commonly BTC is available in illegal exchange offices which will be openly shown to any resident of Russia. Anytime BTC may rise due to huge demand from 146 million Russians.