BitFarms (BITF.V) Will Be Presented At The Seqiure Blockchain Conference : What Kind Of Bitcoin Production Updates The BITF.V Has?

On the chart for the last 5 days, we can see the fall of the stock with the small volatility. On July 12, it was C$4.87 which is also the highest one. Then on July 14, it became C$4.4000 and reached C$4.1700 for today. The day’s range of the stock is C$4.13 – C$4.31 and the total volume of the company consists of 103,602 stocks.See the source image On July 14, Bitfarms made an announcement that it will be presented at the Seqiure Blockchain Conference on July 14. The Bitcoin mining company, which is providing more than 1,5% of the Bitcoin network. The corporate presentation of the company will be presented by Chief Mining Officer, Ben Gagnon.

Also, some of the Bitcoin production updates are available. It is reported that the company mined 1,357 Bitcoin in the first half of the year 2021 with the usage of hydroelectricity. Approximately 1,445 Bitcoin is deposited, which is more than 95% of the Bitcoin production that is made by the company for this year.

Jack Dawkins

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