Bitgert (BRISE) Dips While Joins Top 10 Coins on Crypto Rank

Meme tokens are gradually disappearing from trending searches in major crypto exchanges and listing platforms. Only SHIB is one of the top 10 trending coins on Crypto Rank for being an alternative to DogeCoin and adding metaverse by burning millions of tokens.

Today BRISE becomes one of the top 10 most searched coins on Crypto Rank due to its uncommonly interesting offers such as staking, ecosystem, trade, and swap.

Thanks to Binance Smart chain for serving BRISE to be available almost everywhere. You don’t need to install additional wallets or apps on your phone and laptop. Metamask will do its hard job. Right now the token bleeds as the entire crypto market face a regression that should happen as always. Buying or even trading tokens like BRISE is an easy task now via Huobi which offers huge cashback and rewards.