BitTorrent (BTT) Faces Trend Reversal Level: Time To Buy At Low?

BitTorrent was already established long before the concept of blockchain was even considered. BitTorrent price is currently at $0.00362952 with a 24-hour trading volume of over 250,000,681. With a market cap of over $2.39 billion, Bitcoin Trust is a cryptocurrency that has a noteworthy supply of 659 billion coins. It is a top-10 ranked coin in terms of global popularity.

BitTorrent was created by Bram Cohen, who was the creator of the peer-to-peer protocol. Its goal was to provide a secure and reliable way to transfer files globally. Resistance is around the 200 DMA, which is currently at $0.0044. If BTT manages to cross this level, it will trigger a buying opportunity. Resistance at $0.005 will be the first major resistance for BTT to break once it reaches this level. It will be followed by the swing support at $0.004. Break of the swing support of $0.00294 will likely lead to a trend reversal and cause a sell-off at lower levels.