BitTorrent (BTT) Plunges 7.1% Amid It Proclaims Layer 2 BTC Cross-chain Solution With TRON

BitTorrent (BTT) experiences a sharp decrease of 7.1%.  The trading session started at $664,433,643 and rapidly decreased to the point of trading volume of $425,371,976. Currently, the crypto holds a market capitalization $2,541,203,456. BitTorrent in its official Twitter account announced the launch of the second-level blockchain BitTorrent Chain (BTTC), led by BitTorrent and developed jointly with TRON. Launch date: October 30, 2021, The founder of TRON has promised to allocate $ 1 billion for the development of the BTTC ecosystem.13 Ways Tron Went From Shit Coin to Formidable Ethereum Alternative | Hacker Noon The announcement says that BTTC is a Layer 2 solution for scaling and cross-draft interaction. It is reported that the solution is aimed at solving the cross-chain problems of Daf, FT, DAP for TRON and new blockchains. It is also reported that TRON is investing $ 1 billion in BTTC “to encourage the migration of more projects from Ethereum to BTTC.” In connection with the upcoming launch of founding TRON, Justin Sun wrote a touching letter to the community.


Miriam Bozini

Finance and Business Reporter