BlackBerry (BB) Drops: Should You Invest?

BlackBerry Limited had to leave the smartphone market because now the hegemony in that market belongs to Apple iPhones and Alphabet Android devices. The company has developed its business which is focused on the production of the software and completed its production of the smartphones five years ago and it even give its licensed brand to the other smartphone producers. Despite this crisis, the shares of BlackBerry are continuously growing. For example, during the 5 years, the shares surge by more than 40%.

The stock is declining by more than 2.17% in the pre-market. In fiscal 2020, the revenue of BlackBerry jumped by 15%, where the main reason for this growth is the obtaining of the cybersecurity firm Cylance, which is also generating a great revenue with the help of the patent portfolio and agreement, which is related to the smartphone licensing. However, in fiscal 2021, the revenue of the company declined by more than 14% because of some issues which are related to COVID-19.