BlackBerry Limited (BB.TO) Will Host To Discuss BlackBerry’s IoT business On July 21, 2021

The stock of BlackBerry Limited (BB.TO) fluctuated between C$16.61 and C$15.77 for 6 days from June 16 to June 22. After declining from C$16.51 on June 22 to C$14.94 on June 25, the price increased to C$15.83 on June 28. However, the stock fell by fluctuating from C$15.83 to C$13.16 on July 16.See the source image On July 16, BlackBerry Limited (BB.TO) reported that it will conduct a virtual chat by the fireplace to talk about BlackBerry’s IoT business and market opportunity on Wednesday, July 21, 2021, at 11:00 am ET. The virtual chat will be held by Mattias Eriksson, President and General Manager of BlackBerry’s IoT Business Unit in conversation with Tim Foote, BlackBerry Investor Relations.

BlackBerry is a global provider of sophisticated security software and services to businesses and governments. More than 500 million endpoints, including 195 million autos, are protected by the company. BlackBerry’s IoT business unit includes BlackBerry QNX, BlackBerry IVY, BlackBerry Certicom, BlackBerry Radar, and other IoT applications.

Jack Dawkins

Finance and Tech Contributor

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