Blair Witch: Killing Final Boss Is Wrong Decision

Searching for the lost boy brought some unveiled mysteries related to the previous crimes done. Bullet – the dog helps a lot finding so many things that hint next incident to come on the way. Walkie talkie was awesome in assisting to connect with the state police. But the dark forest makes me scared despite Bullet is near me. No one is near us except encountering scary ghost and voices that freak me out. The game does not really seem to be like the movie version. The storylines are totally different. But, it is much scarier. To be honest, I played it in the daytime when darkness does not spice up the horrific parts.

Stabbing The Final Boss

The house in the middle of the forest is actually a trap that drives Ellis to madness. Peter – the lost boy was kidnapped by a creature with sticks at his back. Meeting him is very horrific, Ellis couldn’t fight him. He appears suddenly out of nowhere even Ellis looks down. Pictures from the war in the Middle East occurs after Ellis finds a doll with a religious look. Then the voice tells me to kill everyone by making me uncontrollably evil maniac. I think the evil house just wants a physical tool to hurt normal people who approach the forest. Therefore, killing Carver – the final boss put his face on me. Very sad, Bullet doesn’t recognize Ellis.

Carver is born again and crimes will happen again. There is no solution to this problem yet. I guess the game developer might create a sequel that has answers to the fate of Peter and Ellis. The Dark Pictures may fix some bugs that happen not so often as some gamers noticed from Steam, IGN, Games Radar and Eurogamer. By developing drivers they can update so the game will run smoothly.