Blink Charging Gets New Rival From DPW Holdings Coolysis

DPW Holdings’ shares more than double in price after its Coolysis business announces adding electric vehicle charger product line to improve infrastructure in embracing EVs faster.

Coolysis expects that a full charge for an EV with a 150-mile range battery in just over 30 minutes. It includes a wide range of solutions from level 1 EV chargers for household usage (120V AC power) to level 3 supercharging for commercial applications (480V DC or higher). Coolisys provides three types of connector standards for fast DC chargers including CHAdeMO (e.g., Honda, Nissan, Toyota, others), CCS (e.g., BMW, Ford, GM, Jaguar, Volkswagen, others) and Tesla.

The fast-expanding Blink Charging (NASDAQ: BLNK) is facing a new competitor with a strong establishment in EV charger products but charging stations it doesn’t possess right now.

EV makers do not really worry about the infrastructure when other interested parties may handle this issue with commercial intents.