BLOKPAD Is Now Launched On CoinmarketCap, Manage Your Tokens Safely With Blokpnd

BLOKPAD is now listed on, a free and open market capitalization website for cryptocurrencies and digital assets. TrustPad will list BLOKPAD after the IDO is completed. The BLOKPAD token will enable the BLOKPAD team to pay for sprinting prices, remove fees on both Blokpnd services, and make available for staking rewards.

The BLOKPAD token will be able to operate as a staking reward in the following way: Users who have tokens on their Blokpnd account and have selected staking rewards will receive monthly staking rewards in BLOKPAD. The amount of these rewards will depend on the number of tokens stored in the wallet (the more tokens stored, the higher the reward). Users can also store their BLOKPAĐ tokens outside of Blokpnd, but in this case, they will not receive any staking rewards.

Blokpnd is a platform that makes it easy to participate in the BLOKPAĐ economy by enabling fast and secure transactions between its users. In addition, Blokpnd offers an advanced token management system that allows users to store their BLOKPAĐ tokens safely and easily manage them. This enables users to quickly withdraw or deposit tokens from/to their account with a single click.