Bloktopia Token Is Popping: Here Is About Beta NFT Land Sale Whitelist

Daily growth was almost 20%. Yesterday at this time the cost of the token was $ 0.143, then it jumped to an all-time high. Since October 8, it has reached the high price of $ 0.0182 for the first time. Bloktopia is a virtual crypto world built on Polygon. BLOK is Bloktopia’s own token, which you may need to buy items in the crypto world; upgrading real estate or buying items on the market.

WIN A LAMBORGHINI…EXCLUSIVE CONTENT…FREE $BLOK…NFT REVENUE | by Bloktopia | Oct, 2021 | MediumBloktopia announced the opening of a whitelist for the closed BETA test of the Bloktopia NFT’s land sale portal. Bloktopia will hold a lottery that will include all applicants, and 50 members will be selected to participate in the closed land sale BETA NFT and will be among the first to become the owner of ADBLOK & REBLOK NFT. Full details of the eligibility requirements will be communicated to the 50 lucky winners. After the closure of the BETA NFT land sale, there will be the Genesis Public NFT land sale available to all.